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Vernum Northup was B. 20 Feb, 1817 in Yates County, New York, the son of Needham Northup II Vernum married 1.) Laura Warriner(b. 14 Dec 1821 d. 16 Sep 1856) in 1841 in Yates County, New York and had ten children. She apparently died from complications of childbirth with her 10th child, and He married 2.) Joanna Haight (b. October 14, 1837 d. 19 Jun 1933) and had eleven more children. One daughter died young. I have conflicting data on the spelling of his name, Vernum or Varnum and the spelling of his wife's maiden name, Warner or Warriner. Here is something I got from Janice E. Conley Dailey on the children of this second wife, Joanna:


Miss Joann Hayte was born at Bluff Point, October 24, 1831 and in 1857 she was united in marriage to Varnon Northrup, of Italy Hill. She was the mother of eleven children, one daughter, Alice, dying when quite young. She has five sons and five daughters living. After the death of Mr. Northup, she married George Thorton and now lives on Seneca Street, Penn Yan. Those that met at their home on her 80th birthday, October 14, 1917, were: Mr. and Mrs. Elzer Northup and children, Freeman, Gladys, Viola Northup; Mr. and Mrs. Elisha Northup and son, Carlton, and Fred Wesco all of Bellona; Mr. and Mrs. Chaucey Northup and granddaughters, Miss Daisy Northup and Miss Frances Leemer of Waterloo: Mr. and Mrs. William Ball and son, Alden, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Stone and son, Edwind of South Pultney; Mr. and Mrs. Gordon French, Mrs. Rose French, of Geneva; Mrs. Mary Tears, of Hall; Mrs. Frank Maring, James Northup of Penn Yan; Mrs. Irene and David Conkin of Bluff Point. Mrs. Elisha Northup received a letter from her nephew, Robert Griswold, who enlisted in the army and is now some where in France, is well and wishes to be remembered to all who know him.

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Vernum and Laura (Warriner) Northup Family

Children of Vernum and Laura Northup

Franklin Northup b. 1842
Lucy E. Northup b. 9 May 1844 m. 29 Jan 1869 Lafayette Dunham (b. 19 Feb 1844)
George E. Northup b. 13 Feb 1846 m. Sarah E Hill (b. 1843 d. 1923) d. 30 Apr 1930
James W Northup b. 15 Oct 1847 d. 15 Sep 1856
Sarah A. Northup b. 1847
William W Northup b. DEC 1849 m. Emma C Hill (b. 1848 d. 1928) d. 1931
Chauncey Northup b. 16 Mar 1852 m. 25 Oct 1875 Sylvia D. Brundage (b. 11 Dec 1855 d. 23 Jun 1933) d. 22 Oct 1929
Wesley Northup b. 1853
John W Northup b. 15 Oct 1853 d. 6 Jun 1854
Louisa C Northup b. 10 Nov 1854 d. 10 Sep 1856

Children of Vernum and Joanna (Haight) Northup

Mary Northup b. 1858 m. Tears _____ (b. 1858)
Alice Northup
Clark Northup b. 1859 m. 16 Feb 1889 Annie Stryker
James Northup b. 1863 m. 14 May 1893 Ellen Newman (b. 1846)
Helen Northup b. 1865
Rosetta Northup b. 1865 m. Gordon French _____ (b. 1861)
Irene Northup b. 1867 m. ? Conklin
Elzer Northup b. 1869 m. 23 Nov 1898 Lina B Orr (b. 1876) Children: Freeman, Gladys, Viola
Edgar Northup b. 1872
Alwilda Northup b. 1873
Elisha Northup b. 1875 m. 10 Jul 1895 Nina H Ellsworth d. 20 Dec 1949 Son: Carlton
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